Running your Macs within a Microsoft Network

The integration of Macs on a PC network can often be complex and frustrating. Circle IT is able to integrate your Macs with the most complicated PC networks making sure that the same resources that are available to the PC's are also available to your Macs


Email Services

If your company uses an Email server such as Microsoft Exchange Server (2000 or later) your Macs will be able to access all the same information and work as effectively as any windows user.

Mac OS X Mail works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange mail servers, whether you're in the office or on the road.

Microsoft Office for Mac takes it a step further and integrates completely with the exchange system and consolidates your e-mail, contacts, calendar, notes and project details in a single location.

File Services

If your organisation operates a managed network based on Microsoft's Active Directory, Macintosh computers can be added to an existing network without additional software or any changes to the Active Directory server schema. Once your Mac has been bound to your Windows domain, computers and servers on your Windows network that are sharing files now appear automatically in the sidebar of Finder windows. In addition to copying files between the Mac and the network drives, you can browse the contents of network-based files using the Quick Look and Cover Flow features.