About Us


Circle IT Limited, over the last ten years has become a leading Auckland provider of IT services to small to medium size businesses without a dedicated or complete IT staff. We strive to achieve this goal by constantly improving the value of our services and focusing on making our customers more efficient, productive, and satisfied with their technology investments.


The Problem

Small businesses often can't afford to hire a full-time IT staff member or contract large outsourcing companies when they have a problem with their communication or computer systems or need just need some good advice. Often support can be left to a power user within the business or to a small one man band that works on a "best effort basis" How can a small business compete in a fast paced business environment? How can it be assured that it's optimising system performance and maximizing the technology investment? How can it be sure that they are getting the best advise and receiving quality products and software?

The Solution

Circle IT delivers the same level of technical support that large companies enjoy. We provide the highest quality service by using a combination of local onsite experts, advanced network management tools and services performed remotely over the Internet. Troubleshooting, training, support & planning. All in one place. See our Services page for how Circle IT will add value to your business.